Eva Jinek

"Believing is magical"

Stars on the Canvas 2020

Mirelle Vegers

Oils - MDF panel - 100 x 120 cm

A wonderful adventure with a great result



It was ok if it would be 'different' said Eva. Just different, she said. Magically realistic.
I thought that was great and included her sentiments in my vision.
To create something that has not been shown before and will not soon be forgotten.



Eva Jinek is a powerful personality. She certainly radiates this. She is truly her own woman and likes to deal with a situation in her own way. She wants to be the best she can be. Because of my work with the horses and the intuitive side of my work, this immediately brought me the combination of Eva with the symbol of the Unicorn. Symbolism that equates to strength, purity, happiness, renewal and purity. In classical visual art this kind of symbolism has been used for centuries to tell the story to the viewer.

This work is an expression of what I experience is present within Eva herself and what she is going for. An expression of her positive qualities that she can be rightly proud of, especially as a working mom. May this forever be a reminder for Eva of her inner strength and all those beautiful qualities that she brings with her. So that she never forgets her own magic.





Thank you Eva for your sincere, sweet and enthusiastic response to my work.


Mirelle Vegers and Eva Jinek









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